Sell, Trade, List or Consign

Sell Broadcast & Professional Video Equipment
Some companies will only buy certain pieces of used equipment individually. Worse yet, they won’t take a lot of gear and pay very little for what they DO take. On the other hand, we offer COMPLETE buyouts and pay reasonable wholesale prices for quality equipment. If you need to unload equipment due to upgrading, downsizing, going out of business, etc., then give us a call.

We offer 4 methods to offload your unwanted gear: you can Sell it to us outright, Trade it in for credit towards other equipment (both new and used), List it in our classifieds section or place it on Consignment with us.

We have a large client base always looking for more good quality professional video broadcast equipment as well as consumer level audio and video gear. We just can’t get enough! so pick up the phone and CALL US today!


Looking to upgrade or sell off your video equipment for cash? There comes a time when the video equipment you’ve been using is no longer of much value to you. Costly repairs, new formats, getting out of the business, or simply don’t use certain pieces anymore? Why not take advantage of our services? Sell your used video equipment and turn your unwanted gear into more usable equipment, or cold hard cash! 

Since 1984 we’ve specialized in used equipment. Our customers know us, trust us, and are looking for (and buying) the items you have. We buy used video broadcast and professional video equipment: lighting, tripods, video cameras, projectors, monitors, and more. From one piece to an entire studio or more. Yes, there are some pieces of equipment (like tripods, microphones, light stands) that stand the test of time but in the world of rapid technology changes, the newer the better. Let’s face it with clothes and cars, vintage is cool. When it comes to video equipment, unless you run a museum, or come across a collector, vintage has little to no value. And if it’s considered hazardous waste, it can even be a liability because it’ll cost you to dispose of it environmentally. And we all want to do right by the environment, right?

 Listing Equipment with us is FREE using our Classifieds!

Hi-Tech is always looking for new sources of used professional video equipment. Let us put our contacts to work for you. Your list will automatically be entered in our database of 20,000 (and growing) video professionals. We send well over 5,000 faxes and 15,000 email newsletters per month to video buyers and sellers all over the world. We regularly advertise in trade magazines, exhibit at trade shows such as NAB, and maintain this website. See our classified section. Consequently, if there are persons interested in the type of gear you have for sale, we can find them for you. When we do, we will be happy to bring you a serious offer for the equipment you wish to sell. There is no charge for this service. IMPORTANT: It greatly increases our ability to sell your equipment if you will include a brief description of the age hours and condition, any accessories included or any other “selling points” and most of all your asking price.

 We also offer an Asset Removal Service:

Our asset removal and disposal services include inventory, pick up, moving, storing and liquidating excess marketable broadcast video gear and surplus assets.

Thanks again for your interest in Hi-Tech Trading, and do not hesitate to call, fax or email us if we can be of further service! 

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