Stream Breeze Flex Live Event Video Production Switcher

Stream Breeze Flex 4 input analog or digital SD or HD multi-input switching and streaming solution.
Stream Breeze, the powerful, economic way to record, stream, and produce high-quality web video. Stream Breeze is a state of the art live production tool that allows you to easily stream or record live events.  It is an affordable multi-input switcher and streaming solution that is very easy to use. Whether you want to record a simple home video or do a live IPTV broadcast, Stream Breeze is the number one solution.
With Stream Breeze, you can stream or record multiple live camera feeds together with pre-recorded video, audio, and graphics. It also allows you to enhance your live video production by including transitions, overlays, and multiple video effects.  With it’s integrated streaming capabilities, Stream Breeze makes it easy to broadcast live events directly to popular services like Ustream, Livestream, or any other Windows Media or Flash Server.

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Affordable Live Event Video Production Switcher for video web streaming

 Stream Breeze Flex is a truly affordable versatile turnkey solution for multi-camera live video switching and video web streaming.  Offering four flexible digital and/or analog inputs, the Flex excels at live switching and streaming for sports, events, houses of worship, educational markets, podcasting and much more. With high-impact features like virtual sets, green screen, picture in picture, slow-motion instant replay, animated lower thirds, titling, graphics and editing software, Stream Breeze Flex is maximum value for minimum budget.  Portable and user-friendly, this all in one system streams and records in both HD and SD, can be controlled with your smartphone or tablet and comes with real-time live remote training and support.

  • 4 HDMI or Analog Camera Inputs
  • Adobe Premiere Elements Editing Software Included
  • Virtual Sets
  • Chroma Key
  • Affordable
  • Easy To Use
  • Record and Stream in HD or SD
  • NTSC or PAL Capable
  • Video and Audio Streaming

  • Portable Live Production Switcher
  • Controllable by Tablet/Smartphone
  • Live Remote Training
  • Built In Titling
  • DVD Burner and Authoring Software

The newest version of vMix (17) has added some exciting new features which help to set it apart from the competition. Here are the changes:

* Receive any NDI compatible video and audio sources on the local network.
* Send the main Output, Camera Inputs and Audio Inputs over the local network using NDI
(To select which outputs to send, see Settings -> External Output)

* Support for “Web Enabled” Sony, Canon and PTZ Optics PTZ control
* Create PTZ Virtual Inputs which will automatically move the PTZ into position when selected
* Control PTZ through Shortcuts and Joystick controllers such as the XBOX 360 Controller

User Interface
* Categories now appear as tabs above the inputs row. Labels can be added by right-clicking any category button
* Audio Mixer and Replay tabs now also appear above inputs row
* Substantial performance improvements when using a large number of inputs

* New improved Audio Meters with larger dynamic range (0 to -90dB+)
* dB peak levels are now displayed on mouse over.
* Full Pre and Post audio meters including dB labels are available in the Audio Settings of each input
* Audio Settings can be kept open for multiple inputs for monitoring
* New “Channel Mixer” added to every audio input allowing separate mixing of all input channels into a final 2 Channel

* New Headphones volume level for every input, so that some sources can be removed from headphones without
affecting Stream or Recording.

Desktop Capture
* Brand new vMix Desktop Capture utilizing NDI
* Supports game capture on Windows 8.1 and higher systems and 60fps support
* Local desktop capture moved to dedicated tab under Add Input -> NDI / Desktop Capture
* Local desktop capture uses GPU acceleration to provide full frame rate capture with minimal system resources

* Streaming settings and Output Format are now both saved in Presets
* When loading a preset with different resolution or frame rate, user will be prompted to confirm the changes

* New Web Browser input allows adding web pages directly into vMix as an input including audio and alpha channel. In addition, the web pages can be manipulated right from within vMix without having to jump out of vMix and into the browser!
* Added support for GIF animations via the Video Input
* Added new Chroma Key presets to enable better initial quality without needing to adjust sliders
* Image Input will now automatically adjust aspect ratio for files that do not match either 4:3 or 16:9.
* Improved support for IP cameras with RTSP streaming, including support for more AAC audio formats.

External Output
* Improved output performance with Blackmagic devices

* Added reverse variations of transition effects

* Gamepad and Joystick support

Shortcuts / API
* Updated API XML with audio meter levels and Fullscreen info
* Added support for more than 100 inputs
* Added functions for NDI and PTZ control

* Added support for Value when using Triggers
* Added support for triggering using audio levels

* Added YouTube streaming provider
* Added StreamShark streaming provider
* vMix output resolution will now match the current streaming profile by default.
* Added x264 preset options to Streaming Quality settings

* Added support for External 2 as a camera source in Instant Replay, in addition to Output
* Added support for NDI sources

* Added support for hardware accelerated HEVC recordings (where available)
* Added H264 Main and High profiles to MP4 recording

Existing owners who have purchased their system within the past year are eligible for a FREE upgrade to this latest version.

Longer-term owners can upgrade for $60.

*NOTE* As always with mission-critical computer systems, perform a FULL SYSTEM BACKUP before attempting ANY upgrade.

(Monitor not included)

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