Get Guidance BEFORE You Buy The Gear!

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A Word of Advice: Get Guidance BEFORE You Buy The Gear!

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We recently dealt with a customer who had blindly bought a bunch of gear and then found out that it wouldn’t work for their situation. We see this a lot in our industry – people who are trying to do the right thing for their organization but just don’t have the technical background to make the right decisions. In this particular situation, the customer was adamant that the camera they had recently bought, from a box house who wouldn’t provide any technical support, was somehow defective when actually the real problem was just that the camera’s settings were set incorrectly. We tried to help them out and tell them how to adjust the camera’s internal setup to solve the problem but they were determined to buy another brand and have it overnighted in because their on-air date was steadily approaching. Upon speaking further it was readily apparent that this person had no clue about camera operation nor ANY facet of video production and was not open to any guidance either – a recipe for disaster.  Why call a professional if you’re not going to follow their advice?  And why spend a bunch of money when you could have easily and cheaply solved the problem in a few minutes?

Video Production is not rocket science but it IS a field that one needs to have some hands-on experience or training for…or at least be willing to learn. Good video production is dependent on a host of variables: equipment, technique, vision, etc. A newbie with great gear will likely NOT create compelling content, whereas an experienced pro working with nothing more than a smartphone can often create stunning productions! Equipment alone is not the answer. Likewise, an experienced videographer may find themselves limited without quality equipment (shooting with a 4k camera indoors is nearly worthless without good lighting), even though they may have the technical know-how to get something useable out of the situation. But combine the RIGHT gear, with the RIGHT knowledge and the RIGHT vision and your chances for success, are overwhelming.

Oh sure, you can just go on YouTube and find out everything you need to know….eventually. But how valuable is your time? The DIY ethic is strong with some, particularly among those who are strapped for cash. I get it. But it may take hours, days, even weeks to discover the truths that will guide you. Compare that to a quick TWO-WAY conversation with an informed pro who can ask you questions and supply pertinent, targeted answers in a much more efficient manner.  Plus most pros will put part or all of their consulting fees towards a purchase if you purchase the equipment from them….like we do here at Hi-Tech.

Pay me now or pay me later

I took up photography as a hobby many years ago and burned through a boatload of money needlessly as I learned hard lessons. I wish I had spent more time researching my equipment needs before making many of my purchases. As in many fields, it costs more to keep upgrading than it does to just buy the right stuff in the first place. I went through many tripods and lenses before finally acquiring the ones that did what I needed. And some of the stuff I bought NEVER EVEN GOT USED. As a Boy Scout, my motto was BE PREPARED, and I saddled myself with all sorts of extras. From neutral density filters to complex lighting modifiers to niche-specific lenses, I had tubs filled with doodads that sat gathering dust while I traipsed around shooting wildlife and sunsets with a single camera body and a couple of lenses. I could have saved myself a lot of time, trouble and expense if I had just consulted with an expert, told him or her my goals, and asked what I REALLY needed.  I could have saved a lot of valuable time and money which could have been better spent out making money.

So maybe you are facing a similar situation. What can you do? ASK FOR HELP! Our sales staff has over 60 years combined experience with video equipment and production. We are here to help! We can assess your current situational needs and make recommendations that will likely prevent you from making purchasing decisions that waste your money.

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