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Did you upgrade to Windows 10 only to run into errors, missing programs, black screen, flashing screen, or even worse the upgrade failed?  Or maybe you want the free upgrade but are afraid to because you’ve heard, “Windows 10 sucks”.  Let the Hi-Tech Windows 10 Problem Solvers ease your fears and fix Windows 10 upgrade problems.  We’ll even come to you to make sure you have a smooth upgrade or get you back up and running without the hassles and headaches that can come by doing these things yourself.  And if you like your Windows 7,8, or XP interface better than the Windows 10 interface we can keep the look of that previous interface.  

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Here are some of the Windows 10 upgrade problems you can run into:                       Fix Windows 10 Upgrade Problems

  • Trouble with video, sound, or other drivers
  • Start menu isn’t working
  • Activation problems
  • Mail won’t sync
  • Programs don’t appear on the start menu
  • Old problems continue
  • Something happened error
  • Your hard drive is out of space
  • Can’t find your windows key
  • Update installation failure
  • Clean install after upgrade
  • Poor performance and screen flashing
  • Code Ox….. blah, blah, blah error
  • Upgrade stuck
  • Apps and devices not compatible with Windows 10
  • Black screen after Windows 10 upgrade




Do you know Wikipedia has 3 pages of fixes for Windows 10 upgrades so far?  Wouldn’t you rather be enjoying life than reading through those and trying to figure out which ones apply to your problem?  That’s where Hi-Tech comes in.  We’ll take care of those hassles and get you back up and running while you spend your time doing what you do best.


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