Hi-Tech is the best!

“I can’t say enough good things about Hi-Tech.  The only thing better then a Stream Breeze live video production system is Hi-Tech‘s service and support. I have been working with Hi-Tech for many years and have found them to be extremely responsive and wonderful to work with.” ~ Carol Stefany, Technology Director, St. Mary’s Episcopal Day School Tampa, FL


“As promised, please find attached the screenshot images I took of our camera installation. We are very happy we went with Stream-Breeze, and I would be delighted to recommend it to anyone that craves a multimedia video solution with less headache and multiple hardware upgrades to deal with. And, I appreciate the prompt and unflinching support I get from the Hi-Tech Enterprises team whenever I am in need of it; it’s a pleasure doing business with people with such a vast industry knowledge and subject matter expertise such as Steve, Ed and the rest of the team. Thanks!”
With Regards,
~ Abraham O’Dare , Winners’ Chapel Detroit Engineering Team, Detroit, MI
Altar and Frontal Sanctuary View From Camera 1

Camera 3 From Camera 1 Angle

Camera 2 From Camera 3 Angle

Camera 1 From Camera 2 Angle



Desktop Showing Winners' Chapel Detroit's Hardwareless Multi-Media Video Control System

Bird's Eye View of Altar From Camers 2

Altar and Sanctuary View From Camera 3 Angle

Altar in church