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Some companies will only buy certain pieces of used equipment individually. Worse yet, they won’t take a lot of gear and pay very little for what they DO take. On the other hand, we offer COMPLETE buyouts and pay reasonable WHOLESALE prices for quality equipment. If you need to unload a LOT of equipment due to upgrading, downsizing, going out of business, etc., then give us a call.

Want to upgrade or sell your video production equipment? We can help!

Sell it outright – Sell your used video production equipment to us! Right now there is a glut of good used video production equipment on the market. So, most of our equipment purchases for inventory are at wholesale or liquidation prices. Let us know if you want us to tender an offer based on that formula, and we will. Learn more…

Trade towards other equipment –  Often times, trading is more beneficial than selling. Do you have to go through a purchasing department when trying to get equipment? Or do your department’s funds go to another department never to be seen again? When you trade, you get rid of your old stuff and get gear you can use immediately.  Also, some agencies aren’t allowed to sell, but they can trade. Learn more…

Consign it with us, It’s easy. You don’t have anything to keep track of once your items are shipped to us. We do everything for you. Our technicians will check your equipment out for free before we list it. We’ll clean it, photograph it, and do the research to determine current market value. What’s to think about? Simply sit back and wait for your check to arrive! Learn more…

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In business since 1984, our focus is mainly on buying, selling and trading used video production equipment but we are also an authorized dealer for many new products including Sony, JVC, and more. Most items on our site are listed individually. We also offer turnkey packages, custom-built computers, and multi-camera webcasting packages custom designed for you.
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The Cutting Edge

We carry the latest Hi-Tech gear for your production needs. PTZ Cameras are revolutionizing the industry. A few PTZ cameras can be easily controlled remotely by the operator eliminating the need to hire a camera crew. These new Hitachi cameras provide phenomenal picture quality with a low price and robust craftsmanship.

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Many video professionals are finding their equipment does not last as long as it used to. So if you are feeling that your gear is a bit long in the tooth, why not trade up?

Asset removal services provide bigger facilities an easy means of disposal and/or liquidation. Our team of experts will come to YOUR facility, inspect your equipment and discuss what next step should be taken.  You may find you have equipment to trade or consign towards newer, better stuff.

Learn all the pro tips and tricks with training from our techs. Making the most of your video hardware and software will be a snap after a session or two with the Hi-Tech experts. In-house, in your facility or online, we make it easy to learn!

Not sure how all that gear goes together? We offer Installation services to help you get set up and running in short order. We take the headaches and hassles out of installation so you can get busy doing your work. Learn more…

Don’t wander around blind, let us help you.

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